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I am in the MCTP program at ODU.  I am probably half way through, due to the fact that I have to take 36 units of undergrad in math.  My original degree is is Business, so there you go.  I am struggling with the way math is taught in my classes, (153 problems to work between classes, very little real instruction) and struggling with the instructor I have in Math Methods at ODU.  I was expecting tips and tricks for really getting to the business of teaching math, and what I got was more about lesson planning . . . .I am very frustrated at this point.  I spoke with Nicole Perron at MCTP, and she gave me your website address.  I have surfed for only ten minutes, and I just want to say THANK YOU!  I need to hear what it's like from the "other side", and to know what works and what doesn't from a practical standpoint, not some "research based" load of horse dooey, that flops miserably in class.
The good thing about going back and taking math classes, is that my memories of this time will be of extreme frustration, interspersed with amazement.  Calculus is awesome, taking a Calculus class is physically hurting me. . . . I can bring this to my classes, because I will have just gone through it.
I am supposed to be studying for my Calculus II test, but here I am on your website . . . .guess I will have to pace myself. 



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